Our Vision

"Smart companies now treat sustainability as innovation's new frontier."
- Harvard Business Review

We at Three Squares Inc. believe in designing strategies that ensure sustainable growth and communicate a strong commitment to social responsibility.


At the heart of TSI is a desire to create a work environment where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced, and personal growth is encouraged. We carry our mission of creating sustainable solutions for our clients through to our day-to-day lives. Creating an atmosphere of partnership and collaboration is of the utmost importance as we cannot create balanced solutions if we are not in balance as a team.

For many of our team members, social responsibility extends beyond the office. Most members are actively involved in serving on various boards and volunteering with community groups focused on environmental, social and political issues.

Sustainable Operating Standards:

Just as we advise clients on sustainable operating procedures, TSI operations are guided by sustainability standards designed to minimize the environmental footprint of the company.

Through the purchase verifiable carbon offsets and Green-e certified renewable energy credits, our energy usage, travel, and even our web site hosting is powered by a combination of 100% solar and wind energy. We recycle paper, printer cartridges, plastics and use only Green Seal certified non-toxic cleaners. We source FSC-certified printers that not only produce high quality products but print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, processed chlorine-free using vegetable inks. We also offer a percentage of our services pro bono to various non-profit organizations and support the following local nonprofits: